Schindler Parent Offers High-End Brand Communication

We are a communication and marketing consultancy with the objective of developing the business of our clients through the positioning, knowledge, and prestige of their brands, products, and services in the market, the relationship with their stakeholders, their corporate and financial communication, etc.

For this, we offer various specialized services: communication consulting and relationship with the media, Branding and design, digital strategy, internal communication, and face-to-face communication actions (events).

At Schindler Parent, we closely follow the key actors in the third sector and support the vanguard in social innovation by promoting the participation of the private sector to achieve the great social and environmental challenges of our time.

We do consult and collaborative communication with brands that want to change the world.

We integrate social and environmental objectives into communication strategies and implement actions for brands to generate communities that are involved in their social, environmental, and business goals and, thus, contribute to making them more sustainable and more profitable:  purpose and profit.

Social Innovation

The role of organizations that want to be competitive is no longer limited to specific actions of generosity. Its social and environmental dimension is what differentiates the most relevant brands in each sector.

Awareness Of Global

The understanding of social and environmental challenges and the globality of large international agendas leads us to design business strategies that improve society and the planet.

Technology And  Contents

The supersaturation of content requires generating the best messages, those that link our audiences with the creation of a fairer planet. Thanks to access to the world’s best technology-based practices for solving social problems.


The global movement of social enterprises, socially responsible investment, impact investment, circular economy, collaborative economy communities, citizen participation, etc. are a consequence of doing good, the DNA of 21st-century society.

What Do We do

We collaborate with organizations that want to change the world by integrating social, environmental, and business strategy and linking it with the people and organizations that want to participate in it.

We are committed to social entrepreneurship; we closely follow the reference actors of the third sector and promote the vanguard in social innovation. We define the best KPIs for the planet, and we measure baselines and the social and environmental impact of the strategies we help to implement.

We use international protocols such as the SDG Compass and adapt them, when necessary, to the particularities of each organization and project. We establish multisectoral alliances that consolidate social programs and make them sustainable and scalable.

We work with costs inversely proportional to the positive social and environmental impact of the projects we collaborate with.

We make people happy.

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