“I researched several and read the reviews and found this one worked the best. It is also small enough to fit in my pocketbook.” – Kara E., Suffern, NY

“I think it can really help to raise the awareness of how blood alcohol levels really change based upon food consumption and amount of drinking consumption.” – Kevin B., Cincinnati, OH

“I researched breath alcohol testers and this one seemed to be the best buy for the price.” – Lindsey M., York Springs, PA

“The accessibility of the breathalyzer on a keychain makes it convenient to perform a BAC test when you need it most: right before you drive.” – Michael W., Sacramento, CA

“I like the size and convenience of having it on your keychain and looking like just another key to a bystander.” – Diane B., Los Alamos, NM

“Cost is very affordable and design looks like a car remote, so it’s not obvious.” – Judy D., Crestview Hills, KY

“It was neat to see how accurate the readings were. I really liked it – it was fun to see how it worked.” – Sue M., Fletcher, OH

“The device is incredibly enlightening. It’s amazing to learn how fast your body can go from “sober” to “drunk”. It’s a gauge that helps you to know yourself. It becomes part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth or trimming your mustache.” – Sue S., Cincinnati, OH

“This product really is small and light enough to be kept on a key chain. It works… I use it for my high school son, who is all for it. His friends have been drinking, and one got a DUI. My son would rather me test him once a month, than have words over it or questions.” – G. G., Clarksville, MD

“I bought the breathalyzer for my daughter who just turned 21 so she would know when she’d had too much to drive. It works easily and accurately and has been a really big hit at parties. People are amazed at how much they’ve “really” had to drink.” – Karen K., Kankakee, IL

“After receiving my BreathKey, I did a few experiments and discovered that 0.08 is way lower than I thought! Great product!” – Dave C., Cincinnati, OH

“I purchased this Breathalyzer over others, as its accuracy is FDA certified. The fuel sensor is the same used by police and the battery is long lasting… I would advise getting this device and showing your friends their results.” – Martin H., San Francisco, CA

“The best option and it won’t break the bank. I picked this item up partly out of curiosity, partly for insurance against bad judgment, and partly as a cool conversation piece when I go out. It has satisfied all three requirements. As far as convenience, the small keychain is off the charts; having it attached to your car keys is obviously the way to go. It’s no more of a nuisance than a car lock remote, and let’s face it, if you had to try to remember to grab a separate device whenever you were going out drinking… well you might as well light the money on fire, cuz you’re not going to remember to bring it with you.” – Craig M., Charlotte, NC

Inexpensive, compact, easy to use. The best way yet to prove to myself that perhaps I shouldn’t be driving. I am very conservative about driving after drinking … but how many times have I been at a party, managed the cocktails to “1 per hour”, and then wondered if I’ve crossed the line during the evening. My ‘perfect’ self discipline has been easily confirmed several times with the breath key. Great device – and FDA approved – 1st class! My business associates will find a very useful ‘corporate gift’ this year – before the Christmas/New Year’s parties begin.” – Mike G., Cincinnati, OH

“This is easy to use, accurate, and kinda fun. All you have to do is just press the button, blow, and it will show the results. EASY! Even for a drunk. Just never drink and drive. Use it to find your level.” – Haley H., Yorkville, Illinois

“This product is very nice. I always wondered what my blood alcohol levels was when I was out drinking. It has a + or – accuracy of .01 so you know if you test .06 you will be good to go. But at .06 you feel a little tipsy so it is better to hangout for a couple of hours or take a taxi home.” – J. T., Stockton, CA

“This product has done a great job keeping me safe. The digital reading is very reassuring.” – W. W., Detroit, MI

“I think this breathalyzer is excellent! The results are right where I expected them to be depending on how much I had to drink. Much better than a DUI!” – D. M., Mililani, HI

“I purchased this BreathKey and gave to my friend who drinks and drives. I have always worried about his driving with his children and anyone else on the road. He blew a .18, which is over double the legal limit to drive. It has been a few months now and he has done much better about driving drunk. It’s a small cost to pay to maybe save a life.” – J. R., Cincinnati, OH

“This little guy does the trick and it’s half the price and 1/4 the size. Anyway, it works for me and I am happy with the purchase.” – Marcus D., Springfield, VA