Why Choose BreathKey?

Everyone knows that driving while intoxicated can lead to severe consequences. BreathKey breathalyzers are a convenient and reliable way to help determine how much alcohol is in your system.

Currently, the legal limit for blood alcohol content or BAC is .08% in all states in the US. This percentage is down from the previous .10%. Many professionals respected in the medical community have stated this new lower level is still too high.

Although roadside sobriety tests are helpful in determining if a driver is too impaired to drive, they are not exact and far from scientific. The BreathKey models use the most advanced technology to ensure accurate results each time the breathalyzer is used.

BreathKey breathalyzers are the smallest breathalyzers in the world. The BreathKey Model g10 is also the only keychain breathalyzer that uses a fuel cell alcohol sensor, the same type that is used in the professional breathalyzers used by law enforcement. And all BreathKey breathalyzers use a flow sensor for a deep-lung sample, to make sure that you are getting an accurate reading.

BreathKey breathalyzers were developed by the same engineer who designed the breath alcohol ignition interlock systems used by the courts in almost 40 states. 25 years of design experience in the breath alcohol testing field have gone into the development of BreathKey breathalyzers.

BreathKey breathalyzers use advanced technology, and are affordable, accurate and easy to use.