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The Original BreathKey g10 Keychain Breathalyzer

The world’s smallest breathalyzer!

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The BreathKey s100 Pocket Breathalyzer

Slips into your pocket or purse as easily as a smart phone!

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Model g10

Fuel Cell Keychain Breathalyzer

Model s10

Semiconductor Keychain Breathalyzer

Model s100

Semiconductor Pocket Breathalyzer

BreathKey Benefits

  • keychain breathalzyerThe smallest breathalyzers in the world
  • Your choice of two convenient keychain designs or one slim case design means that it’s always with you
  • Designed to FDA specifications for safety and reliability
  • The Model g10 is the only keychain breathalyzer in the world with a fuel cell alcohol sensor
  • All BreathKeys are durable and easy to use

BreathKey breathalyzers give you an accurate measurement of your blood alcohol level after you’ve had a few drinks… or more. Even though you feel fine, drinking and driving is not a good idea. BreathKey breathalyzers can help protect you and others from severe consequences.

Developed by the same engineer who designed the breath alcohol ignition interlock systems used by the courts in almost 40 states, BreathKey breathalyzers, with their keychain and pocket designs, are the smallest, lightest, and most reliable digital breathalyzers on the market today for the price. They combine lightweight portability with accuracy and make for a reliable breathalyzer you can depend on.

BreathKey breathalyzers measure your blood alcohol level (also known as blood alcohol content or BAC) and give you quick results so you can plan accordingly. BreathKey gives you an accurate and reliable reading each and every time you use it.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the legal limit for driving while intoxicated is .08% BAC, but even with a lower BAC reading you could be too impaired to operate a motor vehicle, and could still be charged with driving under the influence.

Drinking and driving is illegal and dangerous. The purpose of devices such as the BreathKey is to give an accurate measurement of your level of intoxication. Breathalyzers cannot tell you if you are too impaired to operate a motor vehicle; only you can make that decision. But it’s never a good idea to drive after drinking, regardless of the reading a breathalyzer may give you.

A breathalyzer is simply a tool to aid you in making a responsible decision. The best plan is to decide before you drink what or who will be your mode of transportation back to a safe place. When that is not an option, a BreathKey breathalyzer can be a tool to be used for an educated decision.

I researched several and read the reviews and found this one worked the best. It is also small enough to fit in my pocketbook.

Kara E

Suffern, NY

I think it can really help to raise the awareness of how blood alcohol levels really change based upon food consumption and amount of drinking consumption.

Kevin B

Cincinnati, OH

I researched breath alcohol testers and this one seemed to be the best buy for the price.

Lindsey M

York Springs, PA

The accessibility of the breathalyzer on a keychain makes it convenient to perform a BAC test when you need it most: right before you drive.

Michael W

Sacramento, CA